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BFFF Week Two:  Baking for My Valentine

BFFF Week Two: Baking for My Valentine

You may be asking, what Makes Valentine’s Day so Sweet? Baking’s a great way to impress on someone how much you’re thinking of them!  Have you ever wondered how sugar and chocolate became so involved in the Valentine Tradition?  Here’s a sweet bit of Valentine history! What will you bake for valentines in your sphere? […]

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Baker's Spotlight: Baking for Others

Baker’s Spotlight: Baking for Others

Alabama baker Debra J. Mosely has developed a reputation for offering scrumptious “thank you” gifts to her friends and community for over 30 years. Baking is her passion, and it makes sense she’d show her appreciation in the form of cakes, cookies and other baked goods. As quoted in the Selma Sun newspaper, Debra says, […]

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