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A Baker's Dozen Labs
Thirteen Baking Labs

Each lab provides:

Baking ingredient science experiments First, Intermediate and Advanced culinary and home baking formulas 50+ additional baking teacher resources

Live links to farm-to-table ingredient and how-to videos Baking Glossary, 400+ terms with live links National Family & Consumer Sciences Standards (2018, 3.0) Framework for 21st Century Learning and STEAM connections

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A Baker's Dozen Labs
Thirteen Baking Labs,
224 pages


Lab 1 – Why Bake?
Lab 2 – Getting Started
Lab 3 – Wheat Flour and Cornmeal…The Staff of Life
Lab 4 – Creating Lift: Chemical Leavening
Lab 5 – Flavor Factor: Fats
Lab 6 – The Amazing Power Plant – Yeast
Lab 7 – Sweet! Baking Sugar
Lab 8 – Eggs
Lab 9 – Liquids
Lab 10 – The Savor of Salt
Lab 11 – Chocolate
Lab 12 – Dough Sculpturing
Lab 13 – Resources


Dough Sculpting 101 DVD

Provides classroom and out-of-school resources for making and shaping a variety of braids, rolls, loaves and fun shapes! Includes recipes for yeast, cookie and corn starch dough.   Nearly 2 hours of footage, 30 video clips and reproducible lessons and take home resources are included. 


5-Minute Baking Activities
Spiralbound, 50 Activities

5 1/2” x 8 1/2”

Activity topics include:

• Baking Ingredients
• Baking Temperatures
• Baking Measurements
• Baking Tools
• Baking Benefits
Sample Activity


Baking 101

Baking Glossary of 350+ terms includes how-to test-kitchen videos and links; teaching guides for The Thrill of Skill, Ten Tips for Baking Success, Safe Kitchen Check-list, and Food Skills Check-list.


Baking with Friends
Hardcover, 74 pages
  • Four-time national award winner
  • 31 recipes from Fudge Brownies to Pita Pocket Bread
  • Each recipe includes vocabulary word, baking activity, fun fact and related children’s book!
  • Baking certificate
  • Measurement & Substitution guides
  • Baking glossary

Sample Material:

Thrill of the Skill and
Ten Tips for Success

Country Fruit Cobbler
(Sample recipe/activity)

$20.00 w/CD

The Cultured Chef
Intl Cookbook for Kids
Hardcover, 119 pages

Designed to promote diversity, The Cultured Chef offers recipes and stories about world culture.

$20.00 w/educational
supplement (Extensive Teacher's Guide)

Baker's Dozen: Lessons for Better Baking DVD


Baking for Success DVD

Bread Machine Activity Guide
Spiral Bound, 73 pages

Click here for more info


Measurement Guide
The measurement guide includes 25
standardized references for measuring.

$5.00 (Pack of 25)

Ingredient Substitution Guide
Second in the “guide card” series of
essential baking resource guides, the
Ingredient Substitution Guide includes
more than 10 baking ingredient subs.

$5.00 (Pack of 25)

Baking Pan
Substitution Guide

Third in the series, the guide includes six baking pan substitutions.

$5.00 (Pack of 25)
Baking Temperature
Substitution Guide

Fourth in the series, the guide includes six temperature substitutions.

$5.00 (Pack of 25)
Baking Safety

Fifth in the series, the guide includes six safety guidelines.

$5.00 (Pack of 25)
Baking Food Safety

Teacher and student Baking Food Safety Checklist with six baking food safety steps, temperature guide and checklist for student completion. Front/back color handout, 8 1/2 x 11-inch.

$30.00 (Pack of 50)

Baking Safety

FRONT: Baking Internal Temperatures Chart and Six Baking Food Safety Steps (color)

BACK: Lesson plan and Baking Food Safety Checklist (black and white, copy-ready)

Coordinates with take-home Baking Food Safety Guide Card

11x17 (Folded)

Did You Know Flour Food Safety

Coordinates with take-home Baking Food Safety Guide card. View Did You Know Flour Food Safety video, www.namamillers.org. 11 x 17-inch; folded HBA/NAMA 2018.


Plastic Dough Scraper


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