Measuring Baking Temperature

Measuring Baking Temperature

Measuring Baking Temperature

Measuring baking temperature is critical to success in baking, whether it’s checking water temps for yeast, monitoring the temperature of ingredients like butter and flour, or verifying the doneness of the finished product. Check out this informative video, and special educator offer!

Because of the major role temperature plays in baking, students should know how to use temperature as an ingredient for the best results. That means they need the best thermometers to achieve this goal!

DON’T MISS OUT! HBA member ThermoWorks provides educators a special Thermopop classroom lab offer plus Heat is an Ingredient resources.

Download the lesson plan Heat Is An Ingredient featuring Baking Food Safety Lesson For Home, Classrooms, Community or Out-of-School Programs – from the Home Baking Association and ThermoWorks

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