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Intro Video Week One: Let's Get Started Baking
General Baking with Kids: Tips to Create Baking Memories
Beginner Biscuits and Leavening: Buttery Biscuit Activity
Beginner Banana Bread: Rich buttermilk and nut recipe
Beginner Favorite Teddy Bear Cookies: Baking Activity
Beginner 10 Grain Banana Nut Muffins: Healthy recipe here
Beginner Kids Raisin Pizza: Create your own family fun
Beginner Baking Steps Guide: A valuable resource
Beginner Little Pigs in a Blanket: A lesson for young ones
Beginner Don't Fear the Yeast: Lessons in Yeast & Baking
Intro Video Week Two: Baking for My Valentine
Beginner Red Velvet Cupcakes: Download recipe & card
Beginner Valentine Message Sugar Cookies: Delicious!
Beginner Strawberry Muffin Tops: A special Valentine's Treat
Intermediate Sweetheart Coffeecake: A gift to show your love
Intermediate Cinnamon Heart Bread: Heart-shaped swirl loaf
Advanced All the Stops Chocolate Cake: A delicious dessert!
Intermediate Valentine's Day Cards and Tags: Download here
Intro Video Week Three: Baking History and Traditions
Beginner Rolled Oats Doodle Bread: Form & mix fun shapes!
Beginner Homemade Pizza: With only six easy ingredients!
Beginner Jiffy Tortillas: 4 ingredients for hot & fresh snack
Beginner Blackberry Buttermilk Cake: You'll love this recipe!
General Johnny Cake: Learn about corn and cornbread!
General How to make chewy chocolate chip cookie bars
General Cranbery Griddle Cakes: Start a new tradition!
Intro Video Week Four: Baking for Others
Beginner Muffins Done the Way You Like Them: Simple!
Beginner Alphabet Cookies: Fun with shapes!
Beginner Paint Brush Cookie: Easy with a sugar cookie mix!
Beginner Mom's Apple Pie: A perfect recipe to share
Intermediate Carrot Cranberry Bread: Delicious whole grain
Intermediate Grandma's Cinnamon Roll: Mmmmmmm!
Intermediate Sweet Potato Pie & Never Fail Pastry: Recipe